Mémorial du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg

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The Mémorial du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg is the official journal of the Luxembourgish government. It regularly included sequential lists of granted patents.

Official text was printed in both French and German, with patent titles appearing in either language (presumably whichever was used in the submission). They are listed with dates; we are inferring for now that these are filing dates, but that by the time of publication, typically the next month, the patents listed were considered granted. (According to the governing law of 1880, the examination process was minimal, and patents meeting the basic requirements were granted without proof of novelty etc.)

At the end of the list of patents granted, there are lists of patents transferred (i.e. bought, typically by corporations) and annulled due to default.

A document which we designated Luxembourg patent list, published as an annex in 1899 and maybe in other years, seems connected with this publication.


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