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Louis-Alfred Ponnier was an aero inventor, engaging in at least some collaboration with Henri-Hubert Pagny, and filing from within département Marne, France.[1] This is the Louis-Alfred Ponnier of Avions Ponnier, having acted as an Hanriot director before his own incorporation. Pagny was also a key person associated with Société anonyme des appareils d'aviation Hanriot in the evolution of this corporate complex. All of this revolves around Reims, département Seine, France.

Patents whose inventor or applicant is Louis-Alfred Ponnier

  • Patent FR-1913-452957 (English title: Improvements to the fastening of air vehicle lifting surfaces, Filing date: 1913-01-08)
  • Patent FR-1913-466634 (English title: Nacelle for aerial navigation devices, Filing date: 1913-03-08)


Names Louis-Alfred Ponnier
Birth date
Death date
Countries FR
Locations département Marne, France
Occupations Engineer, Director, Factory director
Tech areas Airplane, Nacelle, Design, Motors, Propellers
Affiliations Avions Ponnier, Société anonyme des appareils d'aviation Hanriot
Wikidata id