Longren Aeroplane Co.

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Albin Kasper Longren built several types of aircraft including bus, 1916; sport biplane, 1921; experimental aircraft for U.S. Navy, 1923; and monocoque metal fuselage, 1933. Relocated to Torrance, CA, sometime between 1937 and 1939.

In California, formed Longren Aircraft Co., 1939, but only craft identified by SD was a rebuilt military craft, 1959-1960.

Names: Longren Aeroplane Co. (1916-1917); Longren Aircraft Corp. (1919-1924); Longren Aircraft Inc. (1933-1937)


Names Longren Aeroplane Co., Longren Aircraft Corp., Longren Aircraft Inc.
Country US
City Topeka, KS
Started aero 1916
Ended aero 1937
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