Katharine Wright to Alexander Ogilvie 27-Feb-1913

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The Wrights feel that "We got decidedly the best of the lawsuit". (Concerning patent Patent DE-1904-173378 (see Orville Wright to Griffith Brewer 31-Jan-1913). The court gave its decision in half an hour after the hearing and said the Wrights were first on everything except "the broad claim of warping alone" due to "Will's and Chanute's disclosure".

(Hallion, 2003 (p. 291) doesn't think they got the best of the lawsuit: "The German patent office, where the Wrights expected to win, held that Chanute's disclosure to the Aéro-club invalidated the Wrights' case and ruled against the brothers, and the brothers lost an appeal to the German supreme court almost a year later as well.")


Sender Katharine Wright
Recipient Alexander Ogilvie
Date sent 27-Feb-1913
From location Berlin
To location Ride's House, Warden, Sheppey, England.
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Language English
Refers to flight? 1
Tech fields airplane, airfoil, navigation, wing warping
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