Junkers-Fokker-Werke AG

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Dr. Hugo Junkers and, to sometime in 1918, Anthony Fokker.

Factory built some 270 cantilevered Junker aircraft. Fokker withdrew in mid-1918 to restart his company in the Netherlands, and, on 24 April 1919, JFA was reformed as Junkers Flugzeug Werke AG (still JFA). JFA continued to operate despite the Versailles Treaty, building civil aircraft at the main plant in Dessau, while shifting military work to subsidiary companies in Sweden (AB Flygindustri) and Russia. In 1933, the company was nationalized by the Nazi government and Junkers retired.

The company was nationalized by Nazi government, 1933

Names Junkers-Fokker-Werke AG, JFA, Junkers Flugzeug Werke AG, Junkers Flugzeugwerke AG
Country Germany
City Dessau
Started aero 1917
Ended aero 1933
Key people Hugo Junkers, Anthony Fokker
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