Illustrierte Aëronautische Mitteilungen

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The Illustrierte Aëronautische Mitteilungen was a major journal about aeronautics. It was the internal journal (organ) of the Oberrheinischen Verein für Luftschiffahrt . It was published in Strassburg from 1897-1908, and then in Berlin starting in 1909. (Also in 1909, it made its subtitle. Deutsche Zeitschrift für Luftschiffahrt, the main title. Still later changed to Deutsche Luftfahrer-Zeitschrift and may have at some point used Deutsche Luftfahrt. Also beware spelling variations such as Jllustrierte Aeronautische Mitteilungen, Illustrite, Mittheilungen, etc!)

Co-published for a time with the Münchener Verein für Luftschiffahrt?

Most complete index at HathiTrust – scans from 1897–1922.

Internet Archive: 1897, 1898, 1899, 1900, 1901 1903 (alt), 1904, 1905, 1906, 1907, 1906–1908,

Scans 1901–1909 at HathiTrust.

Karl Neureuther was its editor, perhaps from 1898-1908.[1]

For its first three issues in 1897, it was called Illustrierte Mittheilungen des Oberrheinischer Verein für Luftschiffahrt.[2]

Brockett's bibliographies refer to this journal by the abbreviation "Ill. Aër. Mitt.‎"

Publications in Ill. Aër. Mitt. or Illustrierte Aëronautische Mitteilungen



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Original title Illustrierte Aëronautische Mittheilungen
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Journal Illustrierte Aëronautische Mitteilungen
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