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Henry William Phillips was an aero inventor, an Aeronautical Engineer addressed at 152, Upper Clapton Road, Clapton, in the County of London.[1]

With the same occupation and location data we have him filing in collaboration with Louis Charles Ford. This latter case stands out in that the filers were statutorily required to make reference to the Patent GB-1917-128262 of Douglas Musson Cowtan and Herman Charles Pontet Piccolomini.[2] That is, “Reference has been directed, in pursuance of Section 8, Sub-section 2, of the Patents and Designs Acts, 1907 and 1919, to Specification No. 128,262.”

Patents whose inventor or applicant is Henry William Phillips

  • Patent GB-1917-128994 (English title: Improvements in Spars for Aerial Machines, Filing date: 1917-09-15)
  • Patent GB-1918-130695 (English title: Improvements in Beams, Spars, Ribs, or the like, for Aerial Machines, Filing date: 1918-03-16)


Names Henry William Phillips
Birth date
Death date
Countries GB
Locations Clapton, County of London
Occupations Aeronautical Engineer
Tech areas Frame, Construction
Wikidata id