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Henri-Hubert Pagny was an aero inventor, engaging in at least some collaboration with René Hanriot, and filing from within département Marne, France.[1] This collaboration also continued after the incorporation of the Société anonyme des appareils d'aviation Hanriot.[2]

We have Pagny specifically addressed at 3 Rue du Cloître, Reims, spelled "Rheims", département Marne, France, filing in collaboration with Société anonyme des appareils d'aviation Hanriot.[3] This corporate entity acted in terms of filing patents. We don't know the extent of any production that may or may not have occurred. Hanriot could have operated through a residential mailing address, or that of a collaborator.

We have Pagny at the same address and as identified as an Engineer.[4]

We have Pagny, as an individual, filing in collaboration with Louis-Alfred Ponnier, also as individual.[5] This is the Louis-Alfred Ponnier of Avions Ponnier, and he had previous been an Hanriot director.

Patents whose inventor or applicant is Henri-Hubert Pagny


Names Henri-Hubert Pagny
Birth date
Death date
Countries FR, US
Locations département Marne, France
Occupations Engineer
Tech areas Airplane, Wheels, Frame, Construction, Design, Elasticity, Chassis, Landing, Rudder, Cables, Piloting, Control, Suspension, Longerons, Wings, Fuselage, Tail fin, Flexibility
Affiliations Société anonyme des appareils d'aviation Hanriot
Wikidata id