Griffith Brewer to Orville Wright 24-Apr-1914

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Replying (and found attached) to Orville Wright to Griffith Brewer 13-Apr-1914.

In reply to Wright's suggestion that the British Wright Company play up the Brothers' use of the rudder for lateral stability, Brewer writes that while the German patent office may allow inventors to patent new uses for an existing apparatus, such patents are less favored by Great Britain's Patent Office. Brewer explains some of the text in Paragraph 3 of the affidavit, regarding the utility or necessity of the rudder used in conjunction with wing warping.

Brewer encloses a page from Flight magazine (18 April 1914) with the unfriendly editorial "The Wright Patents in America", which Brewer describes as "an article on the American Company and the Editor's confused views on the position in this country". Riddle and Sinnott reproduce the following excerpt:

... it would seem that if the Wright Co. persist in their present policy they will succeed, not in making money for themselves, but in wrecking the whole industry. Fortunately for the British industry, there is not threat of any such monopoly as that possessed in America by the Wright Co., for whatever may be the case in other directions, our own patent laws compare favorably in these matters with those of other countries.


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