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Glenn L. Martin (b. 1886) was an American airplane manufacturer and aviator from Iowa & Kansas.

Martin started out in the automobile business and went into aviation in 1907. He started flying in 1908 and set up a factory in 1909. The Glenn L. Martin Co. was set up in 1911.[1]

Martin (center) played an aviator in the 1915 film A Girl of Yesterday.

He was active before and during the war supplying the US and other militaries:

incorporated, Glenn L. Martin Company at Santa Anna, Calif., 1911; moved factory to Los Angeles, 1912; built airplanes for exhibition flying and sport use until 1913 when first order was received from War Department for Model T.T., which was later adopted by the Army for raining purposes; 1914–1916, produced several new models for U.S. Army and built for the governments of Holland and Netherlands East Indies, twenty-four airplanes (these were models "T.A.", "S" and "R"); 1917, factory was employing about 150 men constructing aircraft; merged interests with Wright Company, resulting in the Wright-Martin Co. and organized he Glenn L. Martin Co. of Cleveland; designed and built Martin Bombers, the first American designed airplane for Liberty engines; new plan with 72000 sq. ft. of floor space completed at Cleveland, 1918; Company has 415 men working a 52 different trades producing Martin Bombers for U.S. Army, Navy and Post Office; flying field adjoins factory.[1]

He held Aviation Certificate No. 56 and Expert Aviators Certificate No. 2 from the Aero Club of America (II).[1]



Names Glenn L. Martin
Birth date 1886-01-17
Death date 1955-12-05
Countries US
Locations Macksburg, Iowa; Salina, Kansas; Santa Anna, California; Los Angeles, California; Cleveland, Ohio
Occupations airplane maker, automobile maker
Tech areas Airplane
Affiliations Glenn L. Martin Co., Wright-Martin Co.
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