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Edson F. Gallaudet, early experimenter with kite biplane and founder of consulting engineering company, Gallaudet Engineering Co., 1908.

This company was a major builder of seaplanes and of navy aircraft, from many designs including Curtiss and Airco de Havilland; Gallaudet-described aircraft include a racing monoplane, 1912; battle plane and military hydro-biplane, 1966; and Navy monoplane 1922. Rented out factory space to Consolidated 1922 and was taken over by Consolidated 1923. Later, went back to tinkering.


Patents associated with organizations named Gallaudet Engineering Co. or Gallaudet Aircraft

Names Gallaudet Engineering Co., later Gallaudet Co., 1917, Gallaudet Aircraft Corp.
Country US
City Norwich, CT, from 1913; then, 1917, East Greenwich RI.
Started aero 1913
Ended aero 1922
Key people Edson F. Gallaudet
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