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Gabriel Borel was an aero inventor, French (born 1880(?) and deceased 1960), founder of Établissements Borel, which firm built a number of monoplanes between 1909 and 1914. After the war Établissements Borel was restructured as the Société Générale des Constructions Industrielles et Mécaniques (SGCIM).[1]

Particular relations between Établissements Borel and Aéroplanes Morane-Saulnier are yet to be clarified.

As an individual, Borel worked in collaboration with Raymond Saulnier and Léon Morane. The specific pertinence of this to later corporate developments is being investigated.

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Établissements Borel on English Wikipedia, Établissements Borel on French Wikipedia

Names Gabriel Borel
Birth date 1880(?)
Death date 1960
Countries FR
Locations Paris, Seine, France
Tech areas Airplane, Wings, Stability, Monoplane, Chassis, Wheels, Construction, Design
Affiliations Raymond Saulnier, Léon Morane
Wikidata id