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Francesco Darbesio de Feu Emilio‎‎, often referred to as Francesco Darbesio was an aero inventor. He was affiliated and perhaps in charge of, a motor car company. He was affiliated with Asteria.

"The hangar-workshops of Engineer Faccioli and those of Engineer Francesco Darbesio’s Asteria were among the first to set up business on the airport of Mirafiori, where testing of their aircraft was carried out."[1]

An older relative may have been an author of this book:[2] Calcolo di un ponte-canale in ferro a travate rettilinee, 1876

A substantial history of Darbesio and Asteria is on the Aero Club Torino web. Good stuff. Key bit for right now: "Francesco Darbesio, born in 1879 in Rome of Piedmont parents, while still very young returned to Turin where he completed his studies, gaining a degree in engineering. At the beginning of the century he was very interested in cars, founding the “Taurinia” company and then after studying in France in Mourmelon, he began designing aircraft, and together with Engineer Origoni founded the “Asteria” company in Via Salbertrand for their construction."[3]

Patents whose inventor or applicant is Francesco Darbesio de Feu Emilio‎‎ or Francesco Darbesio

  • Patent FR-1912-443088 (English title: System of S-curve runner for airplanes with a centrale cavity for the launching wheel, and the process for its manufacturing in only one part, Supplementary to patent: Patent IT-1911-Darbesio, Filing date: 1912-04-27)
  • Patent FR-1912-443089 (English title: Universal joint system particularly applicable between amounts and wings, or between the other airplane elements, with an aim of allowing the raising of the aforesaid parts, Supplementary to patent: Patent IT-1911-Darbesio, Filing date: 1912-04-27)


Names Francesco Darbesio; Francesco Darbesio de Feu Emilio‎‎
Birth date 1879
Death date
Countries IT
Locations Mirafiori; Rome; Turin
Occupations engineer, maybe founder
Tech areas
Affiliations Asteria
Wikidata id