Flugzeugwerft Lubeck-Travemunde GmbH

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Flugzeugwerft Lubeck-Travemunde formed 1914 to build twin-float seaplanes (14 built); armed reconnaissance biplanes followed in 1917-1918 (34 built).

Listed in G and 2dG alphabetically under both F and L. Only in L listings do they say originally related to Brandenburg and later bought by Carl Caspar. If these facts are correct, we need to know how it was related to Brandenburg and when it was bought by Caspar. In L listing, G & 2d G say it was independent in brief postwar existence and built nearly 50 seaplanes, apparently the last was in 1919.


Names Flugzeugwerft Lubeck-Travemunde GmbH, Lubeck-Travemunde
Country Germany
City Travenumde, Privall
Started aero 1914
Ended aero 1919?
Key people Carl Caspar
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