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One of Jacob Goedecker's first clients was student Anthony Herman Gerard Fokker, for whom he designed or assisted in the design of and built Fokker Spinnes (Spiders) and whom he taught to fly. For a short while in 1911, Fokker was a flight instructor for Goedecker. Goedecker then supplied disassembled aircraft that he designed or consulted in the design of to Fokker's companies, Fokker-Aeroplanbau GmbH, founded 1911; Fokker Aviatik GmbH (also referred to Fokker Aviatik Gesellschaft), founded 1912; and Fokker Flugzeugwerke GmbH, founded 1913.

Designed and built several Taube-type monoplanes characterized by absence of any top bracing of the wings, the necessary rigidity being provided by a girder structure of steel tubes below the planes; the wing spars were also steel tubes; provision was made for quick erecting and dismantling. The Goedecker Taube of 1914 was on a three-wheel chassis; by substituting a pair of floats for wheels, the machine could be quickly converted into a hydro. Work ended in 1918 because of the Versailles Treaty and the French seized his factory. (the French government?)

Listings at G130

  • Gunston, 2005, p192, and SD137 were inadequate plus info at G130 and 2dG192 contains some erroneous info (he did not start in business in Amsterdam) as these state).


Names Flugmaschinenwerke Jacob Goedecker
Country Germany
City Niderwalluf, also identified as Mainz-Gonsenheim and Gonzenheim near Mainz.
Started aero 1910
Ended aero 1918
Key people Jacob Goedecker, Anthony Herman Gerard Fokker
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