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The Compagnie générale de navigation aérienne (CGNA) was a Wright Brothers company in France, organized and financed by Lazare Weiller.[1][2] Deutsch de la Meurthe was another backer.[3]

In order to fulfill his contract with the company, Wilbur Wright was required, during his 1908 demonstration in France, to make two 50km flights in less than an hour—which he did .[4][5]

The company commissioned Astra to create some aircraft which were known as Astra-White models.[6] Société Ariel was responsible for sales.[7][8]

In 1910 they sued six French aircraft manufacturers for violating Wright patents.[9]



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Names Compagnie générale de navigation aérienne, CGNA, syndicat Weiller
Country FR
Started aero 1908
Ended aero
Key people Lazare Weiller, Deutsch de la Meurthe, Wright Brothers
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