Claude Grahame-White

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Grahame-White with his Blériot monoplane at the Harvard-Boston Aero Meet
Scene after Grahame-White's airplane is tipped over by a gust of wind in 1912; as shown in Flight. Part of the Hendon Aviation Meetings

Claude Grahame-White, an early aviator ran flying school; established business in UK, 1909.

Grahame-White competed in the Harvard-Boston Aero Meet and won $100,000 in prizes in the US that year. The Wright Company sued him for using for using aircraft (Farman and Blériot types) which they claimed infringed on their patent, and succeeded in getting a court injunction requiring Grahame-White to pay royalties.[1]


Names Claude Grahame-White
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Occupations aviator
Tech areas Airplane
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