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Charles F. Willard was an New York aero inventor affiliated with several companies.

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There are many sources to incorporate over time: book about the companies ; photo which could go to Wikimedia Commons; another Toronto photo ; another copy of photo ; bio; death and burial info ; early flights ; [1] ; more more more with middle name Forster ; Smithsonian ; NYT obituary


Names Charles F. Willard; Charles Foster Willard; Charles Forster Willard
Birth date 1883
Death date January 31, 1977
Countries US
Locations NYC; Bronx; Long Island; Vermont; Los Angeles; Dominguez Field;
Occupations engineer, race car driver, company founder
Tech areas
Affiliations C. F. Willard and Co., Laminated Wooden Fuselage Co., L W F Engineering Company, Aeromarine Plane and Motor Corp., Glenn Curtiss, Glenn Martin, Wright-Martin Aircraft Aircraft Co, Curtiss Aeroplane and Motor Co
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