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Charles Denniston Burney was an aero inventor, Lieutenant in His Majesty's Navy, addressed at Holme, Kilmeston, Alresford, the County of Hants, England.[1] This overwhelming majority of our data on him has him filing in collaboration with the British and Colonial Aeroplane Co.

We've processed much of the patent data on him among that which we already have within the wiki, and are continuing with that. We still need to extract a bit more from Espacenet. It seems that much of his aero-pertinent work focused on one hydroplane then veered later towards other projects of marine and submarine interest.

Patents whose inventor or applicant is Charles Denniston Burney

Charles Denniston Burney results 1900-1920 Espacenet results


Names Charles Denniston Burney
Birth date
Death date
Countries DE, ES, FR, GB, US
Locations Holme, Kilmeston, Alresford, the County of Hants, England
Occupations military officer
Tech areas Airplane, Hydroplane, Sustentation, Propellers, Design, Wings, Fuselage, Wing warping, Stability, Rudder, Equilibrium, Control, Aerodynamics
Wikidata id