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Patent FR-1914-464461 Original Diagram
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Patent FR-1914-464462 Original Diagram

Camille Lacoste was an aero inventor, only thus far associated with "France (Seine)", though there is a likelihood of Paris. Within the aeronautic field, he was only moderately prolific, though his per volume quality and conceptual breadth are of note. His aeronautic patents make occasionally reference to the engineering particularities drawn from his own non-aeronautic innovations.

Patents whose inventor or applicant is Camille Lacoste


Names Camille Lacoste
Birth date
Death date
Countries France
Locations The Seine region of France, likely Paris
Tech areas Propellers, Helicopter, Stability, Ascension, Design, Construction, Aerodynamics, Propulsion, Navigation, LTA, Balloon, Dirigible, Frame, Airship, Military, Wood, Safety, Hybrid, Hydroplane, Aerodynamics
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