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CPC B64F2700/6246 is an obsolete patent class for aircraft control systems exercises at the wing tips. (note about this partially completed tree; the number of dots equals the number of needed * To do Patent subclass tree of apparently obsolete class B264C 2700:[1]

  • CPC B64C2700/62 Codes corresponding to the former IdT classification of class 62
    • CPC B64C2700/6201 Airplanes, helicopters, autogyros
      • CPC B64C2700/6202 Characteristics not limited to an aircraft type
        • CPC B64C2700/6204 Materials
        • CPC B64C2700/6205 Protection means, e.g. against rust, water, fire
        • CPC B64C2700/6207 Stabilisation
          • CPC B64C2700/6208 Longitudinal and transversal stability
            • CPC B64C2700/6209 automatically controlled
              • CPC B64C2700/6211 with movable weight not acting as pendulum
              • CPC B64C2700/6212 with weight acting as pendulum
                • CPC B64C2700/6214 with parts of the aircraft acting as pendulum
                • CPC B64C2700/6215 with fluid acting as pendulum
              • CPC B64C2700/6216 by gyroscopical effect (also in combination with pendulum)
              • CPC B64C2700/6218 by other pulse power source, e.g. aerodynamical effect, propellers
                • CPC B64C2700/6219 by auxiliary fixed or movable surfaces or other special devices, or surfaces acting as parachutes
            • CPC B64C2700/6221 manually controlled
              • CPC B64C2700/6222 with movable weight not acting as pendulum
              • CPC B64C2700/6223 with weight acting as pendulum
              • CPC B64C2700/6225 by gyroscopical effect (also in combination with pendulum)
              • CPC B64C2700/6226 by other pulse power source; e.g. aerodynamical effect, propeller
                • CPC B64C2700/6228 by auxiliary planes or parachutes
            • CPC B64C2700/6229 Special devices to stabilise or to compensate a helicopter rotor by other means than counter rotating rotor
            • CPC B64C2700/623 Special devices to stabilise or to compensate a gyroplane pivoting torque
      • CPC B64C2700/6232 Airplanes with fixed or movable wings
        • CPC B64C2700/6233 Design, structure or mounting of wings
          • CPC B64C2700/6235 Guy-wires assemblies; Connections between wings and fuselage
          • CPC B64C2700/6236 Honeycomb stiffeners
          • CPC B64C2700/6238 Pressure equalising devices between the inside of the wing and the atmosphere
          • CPC B64C2700/6239 Ful wing structures
          • CPC B64C2700/624 Wings or parts thereof movable during flight
            • CPC B64C2700/6242 adjustable about several axes
        • CPC B64C2700/6243 Control systems
          • CPC B64C2700/6245 by warping of wings tips
          • CPC B64C2700/6246 by auxiliary surfaces at the wings tips
          • CPC B64C2700/6247 by auxiliary surfaces outside the wings tips
          • CPC B64C2700/6249 by propellers
          • CPC B64C2700/625 by jet flaps
          • CPC B64C2700/6252 Control systems assemblies
            • CPC B64C2700/6253 Feedback compensation devices
  • CPC B64C2700/6254 ・・・・・Control systems or transmitting systems for actuating control surfaces
  • CPC B64C2700/6256 ・・・・・・Control devices for fins or rudders
  • CPC B64C2700/6257 ・・・・・・・by hydraulical, pneumatical or electrical means
  • CPC B64C2700/6259 ・・・・・・Control devices for feed-back compensating and guiding surfaces
  • CPC B64C2700/626 ・・・・・・・by hydraulical, pneumatical or electrical means
  • CPC B64C2700/6261 ・・・・・・Transmission systems
  • CPC B64C2700/6263 ・・・・・・・Servo actuators; Auxiliary motors
  • CPC B64C2700/6264 ・・・・・・Vibrations suppressing devices
  • CPC B64C2700/6266 ・・・・・・Safety devices
  • CPC B64C2700/6267 ・・・・・Control devices for a special position of the flying aircraft or a special position of the pilot
  • CPC B64C2700/6269 ・・・・・Control from outside the aircraft
  • CPC B64C2700/627 ・・・・Influencing airflow over aircraft surfaces
  • CPC B64C2700/6271 ・・・・・by fluid flow around the aircraft
  • CPC B64C2700/6273 ・・・・・lift being provided by static devices, e.g. balloons
  • CPC B64C2700/6274 ・・・・・by other means, e.g. propellers, rotors, air jets
  • CPC B64C2700/6284 ・・・・・・・Blades control devices
  • CPC B64C2700/6285 ・・・・・・・・Drag reducing devices for an inoperative rotor
  • CPC B64C2700/6287 ・・・・・・・Rotor drives
  • CPC B64C2700/6288 ・・・・・・・・Hydraulic, electric or man powered rotorcrafts
  • CPC B64C2700/629 ・・・・・・・Rotors which can be used as propulsion means


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