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Algernon E. Berriman. Aviation: An Introduction to the Elements of Flight. London: Methuen & Co. Ltd. New York: George H. Doran Company. 1913.

Comprehensive work which appears to have lots of useful information.

Preface (signed London, September, 1913) mentions: "As far as possible, I have drawn upon the admirable Technical Report of the Advisory Committee for the results of experimental research. It is the source to which all students should first turn for data of this character." See: Technical report of the Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (established 1910? Read online at HathiTrust).

Part I: Introduction to aeroplanes: what they are; how they work; models; essentials of the modern aeroplane; equilibrium; lateral balance; steering; longitudinal stability; propulsion; air resistance; cambered airfoils.

Part II: Achievements: Otto Lilienthal, Wright Brothers, Dunne and Weiss; British military trials of 1912, Cody; hydro-aeroplanes; accidents.

Part III: Historical milestones: Birds; Leonardo da Vinci; Cavendish; Dr. Black; Montgolfiers; Pilatre de Rozier; George Cayley, Henson, and Stringfellow; Aeronautical Society of Great Britain; Horatio Frederick Phillips; Hiram Stevens Maxim; Alphonse Pénaud, Victor Tatin, Louis-Pierre Mouillard, Clément Ader; Samuel Pierpont Langley, Montgomery; Lawrence Hargrave; Lilienthal; Percy Pilcher,Octave Chanute, Augustus Moore Herring; Alberto Santos-Dumont; Henry Farman; Hubert Latham; Daily Mail's $5000 prize for crossing the Channel; C. S. Rolls, Cecil Grace; military applications.

Part IV: Appendices: Terminology, Clubs and institutions, Bibliography, Chronology, World records, Royal Flying Corps, 1912 British military trials (detailed data on different aircraft designs, including fuel costs); Wind charts; Accidents; Pilot's notes; Wright litigation; petrol engine; high-tension magnet; Atlantic passage; Newton's laws of motion; Pressure and resistance constants; Distribution of pressure on wing sections; Analysis of forces on wing sections; Travel of the C.P. on wing sections; Synthesis of aeroplane resistance; Note on the centrifugal couple; Numerical examples; Tables and data.

"Numerical examples" is a series of worked-out "math problems" relating to airplanes, wind resistance, turning radius, etc. "Tables and data" includes a range of basic weights-and-measures type information with English and metric conversions, pounds to dollars, trigonometric values and logarithms, names associated with different formulae for hydrocarbon chains, Morse code alphabet, temperature-pressure-altitude chart (for calculating your altitude if you have a barometer and thermometer), etc.


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