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Circa 1914, Frenchman Elisee Alfred Descamps worked as designer Employed Emile Jeannin, pioneer aviator, as engineer, apparently for a few months in 1910, until he left to start his own firm, Emile Jeannin Flugzeugbau GmbH.

From its beginning, made automobiles and aircraft. Pre-war made biplanes, monoplames, and a hydro-plane; during WWI, built 2-seater reconnaissance.and scout aircraft and 1-seat fighters

  • SD lists more than 70 designs. Vienna subsidiary, O-UF Aviatik, mainly built parent firm's aircraft but, 1916-1918, also built scouts and designs of fighter and reconnaissance bomber aircraft, all known as Berg aircraft, after designer Dipl.-Ing Julius von Berg.

O-UF Aviatik; established in 1914 in Vienna


Names Automobil und Aviatik AG (Aviatik), subsidiary Oesterreichische-Ungarische Flugzeufabrik Aviatik, O-UF Aviatik
Country Germany
City Mulhausen; moved head office to Leipzig, 1914, with plants in Leipzig-Heiterblick and Freiburg; subsidiary in Vienna, Austria.
Started aero 1910
Ended aero 1918?
Key people Elisee Alfred Descamps, Emile Jeannin
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