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The Aulino Dirigible Airship Company was incorporated in 1907 in Newark, New Jersey, with $100,000 of capital. Its founders were Joseph Aulino, Edward F. Brown, and Cesare Conti.[1][2]

In 1909, New Jersey assessors recorded $3291 worth of capital stock (and charged $3.29 in state taxes).[3]

According to a blurb in the American Magazine of Aeronautics, the Rev. Dr. Joseph Aulino had designed a balloon which would harness the power of wind through recoil in order to propel a dirigible, whose steering apparatus would be attached to its balloon. Secretary Edward Fischer Brown of 150 Nassau Street, New York, is described as a poet and Zionist as well as a student of aerial navigation. Details of the vessel's design are withheld pending assignment of a patent[4]—which may never have been granted.

File:1907.7 - Aulino Airship Co blurb in AMA p.36.png
Blurb advertising Aulino in the American Magazine of Aeronautics Vol. 1, No. 1, July 1907, p. 36.


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Names Aulino Dirigible Airship Company
Country US
City Newark, New Jersey
Started aero 1907
Ended aero
Key people Joseph Aulino, Edward Fischer Brown, Cesare Conti
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