Augusto Severo d'Albuquerque-Maranhão

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Albuquerque-Maranhão's airship Pax resembles the design in his patent.

Augusto Severo d'Albuquerque-Maranhão was a Brazilian–Parisian aero inventor and aeronaut, and a member of the Brazilian parliament.[1] He and his mechanic George Saché died in 1902 when his airship Pax exploded above Paris.

Severo was an aero booster, giving a speech on behalf of Alberto Santos-Dumont to the Brazilian Chamber of Deputies on 17 July 1901.[2]

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Names Augusto Severo d'Albuquerque-Maranhão
Birth date 1864-01-11
Death date 1902
Countries Brazil, FR
Locations Mocahiba, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil; Paris
Occupations journalist, aeronaut, politician
Tech areas LTA, Propulsion, Electricity
Wikidata id Q9637918