Armin Kersten

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Armin Kersten was an aero inventor in Köln.

Patents whose inventor or applicant is Armin Kersten

  • Patent DE-1903-155681 (English title: Flight device (without the use of a balloon) due to the unequal nature of the air currents in . . ., Filing date: 1903-10-26)
  • Patent DE-1895-84719 (English title: Aircraft for ascending into the air under the influence of horizontal airflows of alternating direction and magnitude, Filing date: 1895-01-24)
  • Patent DE-1904-158906 (English title: Flight device according to Patent 155681 characterized by the replacement of the lower surface by a Tre, Supplementary to patent: Patent DE-1903-155681, Filing date: 1904-01-26)


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