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Antoine Mutti was an aero inventor usually in Sion, Switzerland, but sometimes apparently filing from Britain. He filed patents on engines, propulsion, and bicycles.

Around 1904 we see his address as 10 Rue de Couthey, Sion, Canton of Valais, in Republic of Switzerland, and occupation listed as "Mechanician."[1]

Espacenet shows 15 patents; about 6 are related to aero, and we didn't bring the others in to this database. Here's a compressed version of the espacenet list of the others:

  • MOTOR AND OTHER VEHICLE, MUTTI ANTOINE [GB], B60G11/27, Y10S280/01, US1165701, 1915-12-28, 1914-06-06
  • Improvements in or relating to Motor and other Vehicles, MUTTI ANTOINE CPC B60G11/48, B60G17/02, GB191313448, 1914-06-10, Priority date: 1913-06-10
  • Improvements relating to Apparatus for Propelling Vessels in Air or Water, MUTTI ANTOINE [GB], MOND ROBERT LUDWIG [GB], 1909-05-17, 1908-03-17
  • An Improved Method of, and Means for, Propelling Boats, MUTTI ANTOINE [GB], GB190518807a, 1906-06-21, 1905-09-18
  • Improvements in or relating to suspension devices for motor and other vehicles, CPC B60G11/48, CPC B60G17/02, GB177942A, 1922-04-13, Priority date: 1921-02-17
  • Appareil de propulsion dans l'air ou dans l'eau, [GB], CPC B64C33/02, IPC B64C33/02, FR400961A, 1909-08-13, priority: 1909-03-18
  • Méthode et moyens perfectionnés pour la propulsion des canots et autres bateaux similaires, ANTOINE MUTTI [GB], CPC B63H1/36, FR370201A, 1907-02-01, 1905-09-18
  • Machine à voler, Patent CH-1903-29528 and CPC B64C33/02, FR344263A, 1904-10-29, 1903-07-18
  • Instrument pour tailler des buissons, haies, bordures de buis, etc. ANTOINE MUTTI [CH], CPC A01G2003/0461, CH254169A, 1948-04-30, 1946-11-27
  • Dispositif de transmission pour vélocipèdes, MUTTI ANTOINE [CH], CH9875A, 1895-10-15, 1895-03-23
  • Vélocipède économique, MUTTI ANTOINE [CH], Publication info: CH9149A, 1895-05-15, 1894-10-06
  • Vélocipède perfectionné, MUTTI ANTOINE [CH], CH8160A, 1894-11-15, 1894-04-05
  • Moteur agricole, MUTTI ANTOINE [CH], CH2176A, 1890-09-15

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Names Antoine Mutti
Birth date
Death date
Countries CH, GB
Locations Sion
Occupations Mechanic
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