Ansaldo in Genoa; Cantieri Aeronautico Ansaldo in Turin

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Key people: Savoia, Rodolfo Verduzio, and Rosatelli, all designers.

Responded to government to build new fighter design of Savoia and Verduzio; were soon joined by Rosaettli. The SV.5, which became SVA.5 after first flight, March 1917, was the fastest fighter of its day; more than 2,650 SVA, SVA modifications, A.I. Balilla, and A.300 recon-bombers were built at former SIT, Turin, which became Cantieri Aeronautico Ansaldo.

(Assuming the relevant Verduzio is Rodolfo)


Names Ansaldo in Genoa, Cantieri Aeronautico Ansaldo in Turin
Country Italy
City Genoa; addtional factory at Turin, Italy, ca. 1917
Started aero 1916
Ended aero 1925 Merged into Fiat
Key people Savoia, Rodolfo Verduzio, Rosatelli
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