Alfredo Kindelán y Duany

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Alfredo Kindelán y Duany was an officer in the Spanish military and important early figure in the Servicio Militar de Aerostación and Servicio de Aeronáutica Militar. Under the patronage of Pere Vives Vich he was assigned to aerostation and began making ascents in 1900.[1]

He was elected vice-president of the Real Aero Club de España.

Kindelán flew for Spain the first and third Gordon Bennett balloon races. José de la Horga was his co-pilot.[2]

Publications by or about Alfredo Kindelán y Duany


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Names Alfredo Kindelán y Duany
Birth date 1879-03-13
Death date 1962-12-14
Countries ES
Locations Santiago de Cuba; Guadalajara; Madrid
Occupations military officer
Tech areas LTA, Airplane, Military
Affiliations Servicio Militar de Aerostación, Servicio de Aeronáutica Militar, Real Aero Club de España
Wikidata id