Alfred Arnold Remington

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Alfred Arnold Remington was a motor car designer and aero inventor. He worked at Adderley Park Works, (perhaps part of Wolseley Motor Company), in the City of Birmingham, England. He partnered with the companies Vickers Ltd and Maxim Ltd.

He has a substantial biography here:

Patents whose inventor or applicant is Alfred Arnold Remington

  • Patent GB-1909-19315 (English title: Improvements in Airships, with a view to Preventing Loss of Weight resulting from Consumption of Fuel, Filing date: 1909-08-23)
  • Patent US-1913-1071180 (English title: Airship and other vessel, Filing date: 1910-08-22)


Names Alfred Arnold Remington
Birth date 1877
Death date 1922
Countries GB
Locations Birmingham
Occupations motor car designer
Tech areas LTA, engines
Affiliations Adderley Park Works, Wolseley Motor Company, Vickers Ltd, Maxim Ltd.
Wikidata id Q63161625