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Albert Stanley Janin was an aero inventor, notably of an early hydroaeroplane design. He had over 100 patents on various subjects. He and Glenn Curtiss had a series of patent priority lawsuits. A 1916 court decision went Janin's way, but in the next five or so years he lost related cases and appeals. He died at about age 51, impoverished, after a long illness.[1][2]

We don't have his patents in our database:, Those are from the 1920s. We haven't found his 1907 patent yet.

Thanks to Sean Seyer for alerting us to these patent lawsuits and Janin's role.

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Names Albert S. Janin; Albert Stanley Janin
Birth date 1881
Death date 1931-01-07
Countries US
Locations New York City
Occupations inventor, cabinet-maker
Tech areas Hydroaeroplane
Wikidata id Q4711163