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Horatio Barber built 29 Valkyrie "tail-first" monoplanes by Dec 1911.[1]

All of this firm's assets were liquidated in April 1912; an auction was initially announced but then canceled after Handley Page Ltd. bought the entire inventory:

In last week's issue of FLIGHT the sale by auction on April 24th was announced of the entire stock of aeroplanes, engines and accessories of the Aeronautical Syndicate, Ltd. This little public function will now be "off," as with remarkable enterprise Messrs. Handley Page, Ltd., of 72 Victoria Street, S.W., at once entered into negotiations to purchase, and as a result have acquired the entire stock, lock, and barrel, except the tools. Anybody, therefore, desirous of obtaining any of the individual items advertised under the auction notice can now enter into a probable deal with Messrs. Handley Page, Ltd., who are prepared to sell all or any of the goods acquired by themselves. In this little deal, besides all the accessories are included the new Viking machine, three Valkyries, two 50-h.p. Gnome engines, one 60-h.p. Green engine, and one 30–40 Green engine.[2]


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Names Aeronautical Syndicate Ltd.
Country Great Britain
Started aero 1909
Ended aero 1912
Key people Horatio Barber
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