Ader, 1908, L'Aviation militaire

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Clément Ader. L'Aviation militaire.

Available online: the seventh edition; Paris & Nancy: Berger-Levrault, 1913.

(The work, in French, was again republished, with a preface written by Jean Fleury and an avant-propos by Lucien Robineau, in Vincennes, 1990, published by the Service historique de l’armée de l’Air, said new edition being of 355 pages.)

There exists an English translation by Lee Kennett, published in 2003.

Ader begins with a description of his own work on the Éole and Avion III for the French military. He also reproduces his 1908 open letter to the President of France encouraging the creation of an aviation school. Next, a response from Henry Farman and Ader's reply.

For some third person analysis of Ader's own evolving relations with the French military establishment, see Emmanuel Chadeau.

Original title L'Aviation militaire
Simple title Military Aviation
Authors Clément Ader
Countries FR
Languages fr
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