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Abel Corot was an engineer-aéronaut and assistant of Gabriel Yon. He also worked with the Godard family, Henri Giffard, and Gaston Tissandier. He helped build the massive captive balloon displayed at the 1878 Exposition Universelle in Paris.[1]

With Yon, Corot was a director of the balloon committee at the International Aeronautical Congress of 1889. At that Congress he was elected a member of the permanent Commission permanente civile d'aéronautique.[2]

Corot was an aeronaut himself and repeat companion of Jaques Balsan.[1]

Publications by or about Abel Corot


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Names Abel Corot
Birth date 1847-06-11
Death date 1914-11-03
Countries FR
Locations Paris
Occupations engineer, balloon maker
Tech areas LTA, Balloon
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