Abbe, 1896, Simultaneous balloon ascensions

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Discusses the movement, evident at the 1896 International Meteorological Conference, towards simultaneous ascensions for collection of weather data. Early examples, conducted at Berlin & St. Petersburg, etc., August 1894. Multinational ascent, 14 November 1896. Credits Berson and Assmann, assistants of von Bezold in Berlin.

Professor S. A. King:

It is well known in America that our veteran aeronaut, Prof. S. A. King of Philadelphia, has during his life-long experience never failed to urge the importance of balloon ascensions to the meteorologist. In 1871, he in connection with the present writer, laid before the Chief Signal Officer a report recommending that telegraphic stations send up small free balloons in order to ascertain by simultaneous ascents the general direction and velocity of the wind for 1,000 feet above the ground.


Original title Simultaneous balloon ascensions
Simple title Simultaneous balloon ascensions
Authors Cleveland Abbe
Date 1896-11
Countries US
Languages en
Keywords 1896 International Meteorological Conference, meteorology, balloon, instrument, photography
Journal Monthly Weather Review
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Page count 2
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  • MWR: Abstract; PDF ("Notes by the editor" – editor is Abbe)