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Aéro-Manuel « Chronologie Aéronautique » points of 1862 interest along with publication and quotation from 1863
1883 and 1884 summation from the « Chronologie Aéronautique » of AÉRO-MANUEL

Ch. Faroux; G. Bonnet. Aéro-Manuel, 1914: Répertoire Sportif Technique et Commercial de l'Aéronautique. publishers H. Dunod et E. Pinat, Paris. 1914

This work in French contains a lot of information, including the first names of inventors, for some patents otherwise covered by the INPI database. It's "Chronologie Aéronautique" has been handy.

This source pertains to the 1856-1895 gap in the INPI main and most accessible database. It is an integrative trove with information ranging from legendary references, through specific patents, and non-patented developments in close connection with patents.

The abbreviation AM 1914 is sometimes used on this site to refer to this work.

Online at Hathi Trust.

Preceded by Aéro-Manuel 1911 (and possibly editions in other years as well).

Charles Faroux was also a co-author of the 1911 edition. G. Bonnet was not. We don't know much him; we are aware of a patent agent Joseph Bonnet who might be related. The cover page of AM 1914 says he was editor of L'Auto and L'Aérophile.

A review from a 1914 Aeronautical Journal is here: https://www.cambridge.org/core/journals/aeronautical-journal/article/abs/aeromanuel-1914-by-ch-faroux-and-g-bonnet-paris-dunod-pinat-pp-868-12-francs/11DEACB7F098BD0AB14EFB543EB2427A


This is a giant work of great precision, and we can link to exact pages on Hathitrust. It has about 900 pages as shown on Hathitrust. The AJ review above says it identifies some errors.

Original title Aéro-Manuel, 1914: Répertoire Sportif Technique et Commercial de l'Aéronautique
Simple title Aéro-Manuel 1914
Authors Charles Faroux, G. Bonnet
Date 1914
Countries FR
Languages fr
Related to aircraft? 1
Page count 868
Word count
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